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  • New Moon: The Twilight Saga, Book 2 (Unabridged) Audio Book
    by Stephenie Meyer

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    New Moon Audio Book

    Bella finally recovers from the injuries she incurred during the conclusion to the first Twilight book. She celebrates her birthday joined by Edward and his family, the Cullens. The Cullens are a clan of vampires that have decided not to take human blood. When Bella cuts herself, things get crazy, forcing the Cullen family to leave. The incident causes Edward to realize that he must leave Bella.

    Bella takes his leaving hard and falls into a deep depression. Jacob Black comes to her rescue. He and Bella form a deep friendship. The surprise about Jacob is that he is part of a werewolf clan. He and the other werewolves protect Bella from an evil and dangerous vampire who wants to avenge the death of James, the vampire that attacked Bella in book 1. A misunderstanding occurs, and Edward is led to believe that Bella is dead. Edward decides to commit suicide in Volterra, Italy, but he is stopped by Bella and Alice. They meet with the Volturi and are released on the condition that Bella be turned into a vampire in the near future. Bella and Edward are reunited, and the Cullens return to Forks.M

    Millions of readers who love the New York Times best-seller Twilight will enjoy the continuing story of star-crossed lovers Bella and Edward. In New Moon, Stephenie Meyer delivers another irresistible combination of romance and suspense with a supernatural spin. Passionate, riveting, and full of surprising twists and turns, this vampire love saga is well on its way to literary immortality.

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    Hillias J. Martin, New York Public Library

    Recovered from the vampire attack that hospitalized her in the conclusion of Twilight (Little, Brown, 2005), Bella celebrates her birthday with her boyfriend Edward and his family, a unique clan of vampires that has sworn off human blood. But the celebration abruptly ends when the teen accidentally cuts her arm on broken glass. The sight and smell of her blood trickling away forces the Cullen family to retreat lest they be tempted to make a meal of her. After all is mended, Edward, realizing the danger that he and his family create for Bella, sees no option for her safety but to leave. Mourning his departure, she slips into a downward spiral of depression that penetrates and lingers over her every step. Vampire fans will appreciate the subsequently dour mood that permeates the novel, and it's not until Bella befriends Jacob, a sophomore from her school with a penchant for motorcycles, that both the pace and her disposition begin to take off. Their adventures are wild, dare-devilish, and teeter on the brink of romance, but memories of Edward pervade Bella's emotions, and soon their fun quickly morphs into danger, especially when she uncovers the true identities of Jacob and his pack of friends. Less streamlined than Twilight yet just as exciting, New Moon will more than feed the bloodthirsty hankerings of fans of the first volume and leave them breathless for the third.

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